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New Placarding Program

Last modified: 5/8/2014 4:09 PM
New Placarding Program
Over the last year the County of Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health (DEH) conducted a Feasibility Study for a food service grading and placarding (posting) program.  The goal was to determine the suitability of a grading and placarding system in our community, and what the system should look like.  Some factors that were evaluated included:
1. Will it help to reduce foodborne illness?
2. Can a system have a clear, objective grading that will be useful to both consumers and restaurant operators?
3. Will the system be suitable to our diverse community and food practices?
4. What will it cost to implement the new grading and placarding system? 
Feasibility Study Completed

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) completed the feasibility study for a Restaurant Grading/Placarding Program in December 2013.  With the assistance of core stakeholders, a restaurant grading/placarding system modeled on Sacramento County’s Green-Yellow-Red grading system was selected.  The Sacramento County Model emphasizes critical risk factors of food-borne illness, poses a lower cost to businesses, and is easy for the public to understand. Minor violations that do not pose an imminent health hazard will be addressed using the Department’s existing protocols.
In order to inform food operators and the public about the proposal, DEH issued press releases and conducted interviews in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.  Newspaper articles, as well as television and radio news reports announced the placarding proposal and told stakeholders where restaurant operators and the public could find more information. During October 2013, seventeen food operator workshops and three public meetings were conducted. Over 100 people attended to learn about the options.
Please click here to see the final Advisory Group presentation.
Final Board of Supervisors Approval
On April 29, 2014 the Board of Supervisor’s approved the DEH recommendation to implement a comprehensive new restaurant grading and placarding system. Click HERE to read the board agenda item.
DEH is developing an implementation schedule for the newly adopted program and is planning to host training sessions for facility operators and the general public.
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