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Plan Check Checklist

Last modified: 3/5/2012 11:52 AM

NOTE: The plans shall be approved or rejected within 20 working days after receipt by the local enforcement agency and the applicant shall be notified of the decision.

                                                                         COUNTYOF SANTA CLARA
                                              DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
                                                         CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION

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Establishment Name:                                                                                                        


The items below have been included in the plans being submitted at this time. It is understood that omission of any required information will result in a delay in the plan approval.




​One complete set of plans: ¼ inch/foot scale
​Vicinity map. Site plan showing outside refuse storage area
​Floor plan showing equipment layout
​Plumbing plan showing hot and cold water; waste lines from fixtures; water heater location (gallons, BTU's or kW’s); floor sinks and/or floor drains
​Electrical plan including lighting
​Interior room finish schedule including walls, floors, base and ceiling. Show type of material, surface finish and color; material samples or brand names provided
​Manufacturer's brochures (cut sheets) of all equipment including counters and cabinets and detailed elevation drawings specifying make and model. Notation that all equipment is NSF approved or equivalent
​Kitchen exhaust ventilation plans including make-up air. Provide drawings, calculations, and details
​Hand sinks in the kitchen and restrooms shown with soap and towel dispensers
​Approved janitorial service sink or area; faucet with hot and cold water; vacuum breaker
​Utensil washing facilities
​Food preparation sink with indirect waste drain to floor sink
​Clothing change room or storage facilities
​Storage area (food): 25% of food preparation area or a minimum of 100 square feet
​Storage for chemical or toxic cleaners; janitorial storage
​Garbage containers
​Linen storage (clean and dirty)
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Circle one: Architect, Designer, Contractor, Owner, other: