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Hazardous Materials Regulations and Laws

Last modified: 3/5/2012 11:54 AM

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Santa Clara County Ordinance Code

  • Division B11 Table of Contents  html
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinance (HMSO)  html
  • Toxic Gas Ordinance (TGO) html
  • Unified Program Ordinance html   
  • Santa Clara County Ordinance Code Division B11 
State Law/Regulations
  • California Code of Regulations (e.g., Title 22) html  
  • California Law (e.g., Health and Safety Code) html
  • LegInfo (California Assembly and Senate Bill Information) html
  • Local Guidance (LG) Letters from State Water Resources Control Board html

Federal Law/Regulations

  • Code of Federal Regulations  html
  • Federal Register  html
  • United States Government Code  html


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