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Solid/Medical Waste Forms and Documents

Last modified: 3/12/2015 2:55 PM
​Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) ​PDF Word​
1 ​Application form for Farm and Ranch Illegal Dumping Clean-up
​2 Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program Fact Sheet
Elements of a Manure Management Plan

​​​ ​​​​​

​Solid Waste Vehicle Management Program ​PDF Word​
Minimum Standards for Solid Waste Handling and Disposal

​​​ ​​​​​

Septic Tank, Chemical Toilet & Grease Waste Pumper Management Program
​PDF Word​
6 ​Fillable Environ​​​mental Health Permit Application
​7 ​Pumper PPE and Guidelines
Regulations Guidance Sheet For Lavatory Carts and Airline Chemical Toilet Cleaners
​9 ​Regulations Guidance Sheet For Septic Tank/Chemical Toilet Cleaners
​10 ​San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant Fact Sheet
​11 ​List of Septic and Grease Waste Pumpers, Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) and RV Disposal Locations

​​​ ​​​​​

Medical Waste Management Program
​PDF Word​
Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste Generator
Permit Application
Medical Waste Management Act
Medical Waste Generator Facility Requirements
15 ​Certification of Compliance
16 ​Measures to Help Assist with Proper Medical Waste Disposal
17 ​Elements Expected in an Emergency Action Plan
18 ​Medical Waste Audit Questionnaire
​19 ​Approved Home Generated Sharps Consolidation Point
20 ​Limited Quantity Hauling Exemption Form
​21 ​Requirements for Treatment of Medical Waste by Autoclaving
22 ​Small Quantity Generator Permit Application (Short Form)

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Body Art Program
​PDF Word​
23 ​New Body Art Facility Permanent Facility Application​

​24 New Body Art Practitioner Registration

25 New Body Art Regulations

​26 ​Sample Exposure Control Plan

​27 Sample Sterilization Log

Sample Sterilization Log.doc
​28 Sample Client Consent Form

Sample Client Consent Form.doc
​29 Sample Aftercare Instructions

Sample Aftercare Instructions.doc
​30 ​Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form

​31 ​​Reference List of Available Blood Borne Training Courses

​32 ​Sample Client History Form Sample Client History Form.doc
​33 ​Hepatitis B Free Screenings and Vaccinations (English)

​34 ​Hepatitis B Free Screenings and Vaccinations (Chinese)

​35 ​Hepatitis B Free Screenings and Vaccinations (Vietnamese)

36​ ​​MSCEP Notification MSCEP Notification.doc
37​ ​​Instrument Usage Log Instrument Usage Log.docx
38​ ​​Needle Usage Log Needle Usage log.docx
39 ​​Sample IPCP ​​
40 BA Facility Plan Check Guide ​​

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Waste Tire Enforcement Program
​PDF Word​
41 Waste Tire Manifest Program
​42 Waste Tire Manifest System-Field Reference Guide

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