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Waste Tire Enforcement Program

Last modified: 12/5/2012 5:34 PM

In 1990, the California Legislature enacted requirements for disposal and storage of waste tires.

Beginning July 2003, CalRecycle has turned over a portion of the program to Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health (DEH).

The County is responsible for identification, investigation, and surveillance of waste tire generators, haulers, and facilities.

DEH is adhering to the laws and regulations governing waste tires:

• Public Resources Code (Division 30, Part 3, Chapters 16 and 19)

• California Code of Regulations (Titles 14, Division 7, Part 3)​

Who participates in the program?

The Waste Tire Program applies to any person that generates, transports, or accepts used and waste tires. A waste tire is a tire that is no longer mounted on a vehicle and is no longer suitable for its original purpose due to wear, damage, or defect. A used tire is a tire that is no longer mounted to a vehicle but is still suitable for use as a vehicle tire.

Forms and Documents

​Waste Tire Enforcement Program PDF Word​

Waste Tire Manifest Program

​2. ​Waste Tire Manifest System - Field Reference Guide