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Last modified: 3/8/2012 5:31 PM
Artemis students studying

Artemis addresses substance abuse for female inmates who are pregnant, in the dependency court process and/or mothers of young children. The name Artemis comes from the ancient Greek goddess known as a huntress and a protector of the young. Attendees are made aware of substance abuse and the issues of pregnancy and motherhood. With a core of daily substance abuse prevention classes, Artemis also offers a combination of classes that allow the women to learn health and parenting skills, spirituality and meditation, and how to access community resources upon release.

Artemis classroom

One notable class used by Artemis, RCP and the general population is "Parents and Children Together" (P.A.C.T.). This program consists of parenting classes and weekly contact visits between incarcerated mothers and their children. Each week, the mothers set up a playroom in the facility, making each child’s visit to the facility a positive and enjoyable experience.