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Mission Statement

Maximize collection of accounts receivable at the least possible cost, while providing the highest quality of service that is professional, respectful, and courteous.

Welcome to the County of Santa Clara, Department of Revenue Website



The Department of Revenue provides agencies and departments within the County with professional collection services using collection enforcement techniques comparable to those used in the private sector. Services provided include billing and collection, explanation of client charges, negotiating payment arrangements, delinquent noticing, collection pursuit through client follow-up, small claims action and lawsuits, accounting and distribution of revenue collected to appropriate funds and entities.


  • Maximize revenue collection.
  • Provide timely, quality customer service. Provide assistance and information to the public that is helpful and responsive.
  • Process documents timely to establish account data and to bill clients.
  • Send monthly billing statements that are clear, informative and accurate to facilitate prompt payment.
  • Deposit revenues in a timely manner to maximize interest earnings.
  • Distribute revenues timely and consistently to provide a funding source for other services.
  • Optimize use of technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintain positive relations with our business partners by frequent and open communication, mutual coordination and teamwork, responsiveness to concerns or changing needs, and constant attention to opportunities for improving and streamlining our existing processes.
  • Maintain sufficient staffing of individuals who are experienced and expert in their fields, with a positive customer service ethic and awareness of the Finance Agency Vision goals and principles. Provide to them opportunities for personal and professional development and growth.
Phone Number: (408) 282-3200
The Department of Revenue uses an interactive voice response system (IVR) to assist you with information relating to our office and your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in either English or Spanish. Information available to you includes the hours we are open, a list of payment options available to you, directions to our office, our mailing address and a list of holidays when we are closed. You can verify your last payment received, your account balance and the amount and due date of your next payment. You will need to know your account number and we must have your Social Security Number on file, in order for you to use the system regarding your account information. If we do not have a valid payment plan established for your account or if our information is incomplete, your call will be transferred to your collection representative for assistance and update of your records. If your representative is not available you may leave a message and your representative will contact you generally within 48 business hours.

Civil Assessment

Accounts pursued under Court ordered civil assessment generally include a DMV hold placed on your driver's license. The hold will be removed upon notification by DOR to the Superior Court when the account has been paid in full. However, payment made by check or ECheck (checking/saving accounts) whether in our office, through the mail, via the Internet or IVR will delay the paid in full notification to the Court for at least 15 days.