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Fee Adjustments Effective August 20, 2012

Last modified: 8/30/2012 7:54 AM


Effective: August 20, 2012

Any plans submitted on or after the above effective date
will require payment of the above noticed fees.

The Department of Planning and Development prepared  and  submitted,  for consideration and approval by the Board of Supervisors at their June 19, 2012 meeting, fee adjustments to their existing fees

To view Board of Supervisor's Agenda (see Item #7) click link.
The request was adopted and will go into effect August 20, 2012.

Board Of Supervisors
Approved Transmittal, Resolution and Fee Charts.
(Some fees, as Fire Code and Building Permit Fees, do not show the Tech Fee approved in July 2011.)

Development Services Brochure
Effective August 20, 2012