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Civic Center Master Plan

Published on: 9/5/2014 4:20 PM
On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at 1:30PM, in the County Board Chambers, a Board of Supervisors workshop will take place to discuss the findings and results of the Facilities Needs Assessment (FNA) completed by M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates under contract to the County to estimate County space needs at the Civic Center (Attachment). Acceptance of this report by the Board represents completion of this phase of work by Gensler with the County. The Administration will work with Gensler to finalize and transmit copies of the detailed final written report following this presentation. These results, along with additional analysis prepared by the Administration regarding the cost to renovate and use existing buildings conditions, are intended to be inputs into the land planning process to be undertaken by Lowe Enterprises and Gensler in subsequent phases of the Master Planning process.
Gensler interviewed over 40 County Departments and has estimated potential growth over the next ten years. Criteria for the study included the needs of departments that are currently located at the Civic Center or those that would best be relocated to the Civic Center for improved efficiency. In addition, the FNA evaluates the space needs of departments who are currently either located in leased space, or who are located in County-owned facilities that are either approaching the end of their useful, or that could represent revenue opportunities for the County through. The Assessment suggests that at the Civic Center Campus, the County could consider accommodating a range of between approximately 90,000 square feet of space involved in only relocating Adult Probation and the Department of Revenue up to accommodating a high of 950,000 square feet of new space if other departments in leased space were relocated to the Civic Center Campus. This would be in addition to the 650,000 square feet of existing space currently occupied at the Civic Center Campus.
Additional study is being conducted by the Administration to evaluate the cost and the extent to which the ideal, per-person allocations of space could be accommodated in existing facilities at the Civic Center. The County Administration plans to report on the information and results from these studies at the Board of Supervisors meeting in December.
In addition, the County Administration has been meeting on a bi-weekly basis with Lowe Enterprises to negotiate terms of a Master Development Agreement for presentation to the County and the Board for the next phase of the Civic Center master planning. Negotiation includes preparation of a proposed scope, budget and timeframe and will rely on the findings of the FNA. Upon the Board’s approval of a Master Development Agreement, Gensler and Lowe would begin conducting site capacity studies to understand how much of the identified demand can be accommodated on the Civic Center Campus through use of retrofits and new construction.
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