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Published on: 12/3/2013 11:13 AM

On Wednesday, December 4, 2013, at 7 PM, Supervisor Cindy Chavez will host a Preview Meeting of Civic Center Outreach at 70 West Hedding Street in the Board Chambers. Staff will present the general ideas and timeline for the master planning process and get the public's feedback on what the community outreach should look like. The public is welcome to share other concerns and suggestions about the Civic Center site as well.

The County has been considering master planning the County-owned property between North First Street, Mission and San Pedro Streets, and Highway 880 over the past year and a half. No decisions have been made about whether the County will redevelop the land or what might be built. The County is now considering taking the first step – hiring a consultant to help the County figure out what, if any, County services could be consolidated at the Civic Center site and how long and how much it would take to master plan the area. As part of any future master planning efforts, there will be a substantial community outreach effort that is focused on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Previously, On April 3, 2013, the first public meeting was held at the County Government Center. Participants expressed the desire to improve the quality of life for the existing residents, improve the variety of retail businesses, as well as concerns regarding safety issues. Community members also expressed a desire that any future development avoid any financial burdens to taxpayers, as well as minimize impacts to parking and traffic congestion in the surrounding community.

Click here for the April 3rd presentation. If you are unable to attend the December 4th meeting and would like to be notified of future public meetings, you may fill out a request here.







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