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Powerful Project Management

Published on: 3/3/2014 9:57 AM

Program description: If you manage County-wide events such as Take Your Kids to Work Day; create process changes in your department that affect people’s work; manage projects for more than one department; or coordinate communications and stakeholder engagement on projects, this program is for you.

The program focuses on the tools of project management (PM Essentials) and the skills needed for project completion. It also prepares project managers for “the people side” with conflict management and skill sets on problem solving and team decision making. It is possible to complete the certification in one year; although each course also includes practical application and pre-/post-workshop study.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the fundamental toolkit of project management for overseeing budget, resources and time.
  • Discover the value of stakeholder management – ensuring all parties have appropriate involvement.
  • Learn the dynamics of team development and performance.
  • Explore a time management model to complete tasks on a timely basis and to avoid becoming overwhelmed with competing priorities.


To register for any of these classes, click on the following link:


Project Management Essentials – Two half-day sessions with tools and tips for managing projects. 
Project Problem Solving, Team Decision Making – Two half-day sessions to keep your project teams running in top condition. 


Collaboration in Action! – One full day session.  Learn obstacles that are stopping you and your team from collaborating effectively, steps to address them. 

Accomplishing More with Less – One half-day session puts you in charge of your time and energy. 
Introduction to Process Improvement – Two half-day sessions.  Learn to sharpen and communicate the defining parameters of a work process. 


Recommendation: We recommend you begin with Project Management Essentials.  All sessions of the Essentials course must be taken in the same quarter. You can take the other courses in any order.

Education Credits: Earn a certificate by completing the five required courses within a two-year time frame. Completion of this certificate is equal to TWO semester units and can be applied to County jobs which have those requirements.

Program Manager: