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Published on: 5/15/2014 9:49 AM

More than 300 new online courses are now available to all regular County employees. The wide variety of topics includes business skills, project management, customer service, desktop software and wellness. 
What is e-Learning?
e-Learning is the delivery of course content and learning through electronic means. The terms web based training, online training and e-learning all refer to a self-paced training course you can take at your computer. e-learning is just in time training available anytime, anywhere. 

e-Learning Preparation

Go to the Technical Support page and test your Java using the link provided. If you need to update Java, submit a ticket to have it updated before you take a class. 

Turn off pop-up blockers  e-learning courses launch new windows or "pop-ups" to play the course content.  Before you launch an e-learning course in sccLearn, you will need to turn off your pop-up blockers. Instructions are available in Quick Links, right.

Headphones and Audio:  Since many courses have audio, you will need headphones to listen to the course.  If you don’t have headphones, adjust the volume on your PC to a comfortable level for yourself and your office neighbors.sccLearn, you need to turn off pop-up blockers.  If you have added toolbars to your browser, you need to turn off the pop-up blockers in the toolbars also.  See attachment for instructions.

Get Approval:  Learners must obtain manager/supervisor approval to take any course including e-learning.  Participation in e-learning must not result in overtime compensation.

Access from anywhere

You can access sccLearn directly via the internet to take e-learning courses at work or from home using this link: 

Before you try it from home, follow these steps:

Set up your laptop:

  • County provided laptops:  bookmark the sccLearn website. Take an sccLearn e-learning course on this laptop while at work. Once this laptop successfully runs e-learning at work, you can try it at home.
  • Personal computers:  Learners are responsible for ensuring that personal computers have the required software (Flash Player and Java) installed. The County does not provide technical support for non-county computers.

You will need to know your employee ID# and password. Make sure you can successfully log in to sccLearn while at work, before trying it at home.
An e-learning catalog, a quick reference guide, pop-up blocker instructions and other items are available in the quick links section.