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Taking a Mandatory e-learning Course

Published on: 3/27/2014 9:55 AM

Guidelines for taking mandatory training including Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for Managers, Supervisors & Leads and Driver Training web based courses:

Before you begin:

To successfully complete the course, you must:

  1. Read/view every page.
  2. Pass the test with a score of 80% or higher.
  3. For SHP only -- spend a total of 2 hours taking the course.
  4. To exit the course, click on the EXIT BUTTON, do not use the red X in the upper right corner, or you will lose your test data
  5. On the progress and tests tab, check your score and look at the Status column.  All bubbles must be completely filled in, or it is incomplete.  If you find a partial filled bubble, go back to that section and view every page to get credit.  See example below:

E-Learning Courses Progress Example


Driver Training - in order to receive County Driver Authorization, employees must have all associated forms completed and on file in addition to successfully completing this course.  For more information, see County Vehicle Driver Policies.


Learners are responsible for obtaining prior manager/supervisor approval to participate in any specific e-Learning course.  e-Learning participation must not be during work time that results in overtime compensation.