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Published on: 11/5/2014 3:13 PM

Leadership Development Programs for County Executive Managers:
The County is a service organization and a learning organization.  One of your roles as an executive manager is to help the employees in your organizations to serve the customer, perform in an operationally excellent manner, and to be innovative.  Learning & Employee Development and the County Executive’s Office offer programs designed to help executive managers improve their leadership skills for these efforts​.

o   Cross-functional Strategic Management

o   Dealing with Resistance to Change

o   Developing a High Performance Organization

o   Leading Change

o   Managing Experienced Managers

o   Managing for Rapid Change and Uncertainty

o   The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

For information on how to enroll and launch web based courses in sccLearn, visit our How To Guides and Demos​ page. 

  • Additional Professional Development Courses: ​Executive Managers may want to consider enrolling in courses offered to managers and  ​supervisors. Review the following documents for more information:
  • Mandatory trainings for Executive Managers
    • ​​Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Executive Managers (2 hours) is required every 2 years.  This training is provided by County Counsel’s Office. 
      • ​​The next time for that training will be in the Fall of 2015.
      • ​​In lieu of that training, Executives can take the sccLearn online course, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training for Managers, Supervisors and Leads through sccLearn
    • AB 1234 Ethics Training course on general ethics principles and ethics laws relevant to public service that is required every two years.
      • ​​The training covers laws relating to personal financial gain by public servants, laws relating to claiming “perks” of office, government transparency laws, and laws relating to fair processes.  This is also known as AB 1234 training (which those who serve on County boards/commissions may have already been required to attend).    
Tuition Reimbursement & Professional Development Funds

Executive managers receive benefits consistent with CEMA members for tuition reimbursement and professional development funding, currently offered at $1,500. For a list of what is reimbursable with these funds, guidelines, and forms, please visit the Learning & Employee Development website and refer to the CEMA documentation​.   

Executive Leadership Meetings

There are also Executive Leader Meetings held periodically throughout the year from 8:30 to 11:30 AM at Hedding.  The 2014 schedule is:

  • January 31 – speaker from Blessing White on Employee Engagement​ 
  • April 4 – focus on Just Culture
  • September 19 – topic TBD
  • November 21 – topic TBD