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Welcome to sccLearn!

Published on: 11/19/2014 1:54 PM

Welcome to sccLearn, the County's new online course registration system! 


scc Learn


To Log In For the First Time:
  1.  Employee ID:  Enter your 5-digit employee ID number as your sccLearn ID, including leading zeros (you can find it on your pay stub or e-pay document)
  2. Current Employees (hired prior to April 2012) Password:  For your first time log in, use this formula: "xyz" + MMYY of your birthdate + "%"
    • Example:  For John Doe whose birthdate is in August, the 08th month of the year 1966, the initial password is:   xyz0866%
  3. New Employeescontact the Help Desk for password
  4. Click on the Log In button
  5. You will be asked to change your password.  Password must:
    • have a minimum of 6 characters
    • contain a minimum of two alphabet characters
    • contain one of the following special characters: 
    •  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ' / ; : \ |

  6. Make a note of your new password for the next time you log in


To Log In After Your First Time:

  • Use your Employee ID & the  password you created. 

Check your email address:  To receive Course Notifications, your WORK email address must be correct in your sccLearn profile (click the blue "My Profile" tab). To change your sccLearn email address, ask your department's PeopleSoft data manager to update PeopleSoft with your correct work email address.  Once PeopleSoft is updated, sccLearn will be updated automatically within 24 hours.

For SSA employees: 

  • SSALearn & sccLearn are the same course registration/learning management system.  SSA employees just have a different view that allows them to see SSA courses + sccLearn courses.
  • You will use the same password to access sccLearn as you use to access SSALearn. 

Need Help?

  • Have a technical question (i.e. log in problems) or a question for ED (Employee Development)?  Email TechLinkCenter at or call them at (408)918-7000.  ED business questions will be routed to the appropriate staff member.
  • For SSA employees:  contact or call (408)755-7575, option 1.