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Training Fees

Last modified: 3/6/2012 4:10 PM

Customized Trainings
The CREST training fee is based on $150 per hour, and is provided by two experienced educator/mediators. A needs assessment is given and all trainings are tailored to meet the schools individual needs.

Sample Basic Whole School Conflict Resolution Starter Program may include:

Staff training - 6 hours $900
Consultation/Follow-up training - 6 hours $900
Conflict Manager student training - 6 hours $900
Parent education - 2 hours $300
Total   $3000.


It is highly recommended that the Coordinators of the Conflict Managers program be given a stipend, or be compensated by some combination of monetary reward and/or release from extra curricular duties in order to get the program up and running. In partnership with your school, CREST is available to assist in the finding the funding to support the program.


Funding is often available for Conflict Resolution through programs such as Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol; Safe Schools Funding; No Child Left Behind; and Title I.