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What We Have Accomplished

Last modified: 3/6/2012 4:10 PM

Each College and University has received or is in the process of receiving mediation training from Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program Services and moving toward creating its own peer mediation program infrastructure. CC now has a strong group of peer mediators trained for mediation on most of the campuses, a website for public consumption, and faculty who are dedicated to teaching mediation as both graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of departments (e.g. Communication Studies, Education, Psychology, Social Science).

San Jose State University:  A Case Study

Reeling from the terrible impact of a campus murder (instigated by a fraternity conflict), SJSU faculty and staff became involved as a part of Campus Consortium’s founding membership.  Because of their involvement in Campus Consortium, SJSU has accomplish a lot in just 1.5 years of work. 

· Training of 25 faculty, staff and students in mediation by the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program

· Development of a Board of Directors who currently oversee a Peer Mediation Program on the SJSU campus

· Collaboration among the University Police, University Housing, Associated Students (student government), Student Life, University Ombudsman, SJSU Provost, and faculty in Communication Studies and Comparative Religious Studies to promote CC goals

· Development of Academic courses in Mediation in which students may participate in Service Learning with the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program