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Community Division

Last modified: 3/17/2015 12:29 PM

Community Mediation program
Community, District Attorney, & Superior Court Cases

The Office of Human Relations provides community mediation services to individuals, families, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods and teaches and inspires the Santa Clara County community to address conflict in a practical and peaceful manner. Community mediation services are available to all residents of Santa Clara County.

The mission of the community mediation program is to facilitate the empowerment of individuals, groups and communities by resolving disputes through mediation in a non-threatening environment. The philosophical framework, of community mediation is rooted in community concerns to optimize methods to resolve conflicts and compliment the legal system. The result of using community mediation is that citizens and communities become empowered by realizing that they can resolve many complaints and disputes on their own and in their own communities through mediation as a problem solving process.

Therefore, the Dispute Resolution Program Community Division handles a wide array of disputes. The Community division works in conjunction with the people of Santa Clara County and beyond, and includes partnerships with several agencies such as the District Attorney's Office, the County Sheriff's Office, Superior Court and the City Police Department.

The Community Division works with neighbors, families, cultural and religious groups, Home Owners' Associations, and others to assist in the resolution of disputes. The types of disputes which can be dealt with range from disturbing the peace, to disputes with landlords/tenants, and all points in between.

The Community Division assists in the resolution of disputes on a pro bono (cost free) basis for those who qualify under the fee waiver program. Click on the hyperlink to visit or re-visit our mediation fee schedule: Dispute Resolution - Human Relations - County of Santa Clara. In addition, if your case has already been filed in superior court, or, if you are the attorney of record on a case, please contact our office for more information about how we may assist you in a resolution and settlement of the case.

The mediation process is confidential, fast, and saves money over more traditional methods of dispute resolution such as litigation. For more information on the program, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to serving you.

For More Information Please Contact:

Pre-Day of Court Mediation: (408) 792-2335

Day of Court Settlement Agreements: (408) 792-2317

Community: (408) 792-2327