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Parent Youth Mediation

Last modified: 3/6/2012 4:10 PM

Parent Youth Mediation is a process whereby families who have specific problems in the home (between parents and youth, stepparents, stepchildren, foster parents & single mothers & fathers) can come together in a safe, communicative environment in order to resolve conflict.  Common types of dispute include:

· House Rules
· Chores
· Curfew
· Car Use
· Friendships
· Drug & Alcohol Abuse
· Room / Personal Space
· Fairness
· Dating
· Sexual Activity
· Health Care
· Running Away
· Siblings
· Juvenile Justice Issues
· Out of Control Behavior
· School – Attendance / Grades / Administration

Mediation allows all participants to be heard such that everyone’s input is important and essential to a mutually satisfactory resolution.  During the process, two trained mediators will assist the family through communication hurdles by engaging difficult issues.  The mediators assist in keeping communication positive and clear, and each person focused on the issues.  Rather than looking at past blame or guilt, mediation asks those in conflict to focus on the present and the future. 

After the initial mediation, which typically lasts between 2 & 2 ½ hours, the family itself will evaluate whether further meetings may be helpful & beneficial.  If so, future sessions will be scheduled at that time.  It is not uncommon for each person attending the mediation to have “tasks” or “skills” (which have been suggested by the mediators), to work on prior to the next session aimed at improving family relations.  Agreements that are made in mediation may be written and each person will receive a copy.