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Dispute Resolution

Last modified: 5/2/2014 5:02 PM

Mission Statement

DRPS empowers people by facilitating communication and increasing education in conflict resolution principles thereby providing a model for effective and efficient resolution of disputes.

DRPS Vision Statement

DRPS provides specific services tailored to meet the individual and diverse needs of those involved in daily disputes or of those affected locally by global and national events. By being proactive, DRPS supports a community in which each of us respects differences and takes responsibility for conflict.
Dispute Resolution Program Mediation, Facilitation, and Training Fees
To offset operating costs, the Dispute Resolution Program has implemented a sliding fee scale that was initialized May 1, 2013.
How Do I Initiate, and How Much Does It Cost? 
There is a $40 case opening fee PAID BY THE INITIATING PARTY TO THE CASE. However, if you are unsure about whether you’d like to open a case, and would instead like more information first, please contact the office for a free, 30 minute consultation. Please email the office using the link below, in order to contact a mediator, and specify either “Consultation” or “Open a Case” in the subject line at:
Be sure to include your full legal name and valid email address when contacting the Program. Those who wish to “Open a Case” will be contacted by a Program Mediator through email, and provided further instructions, as well as with a hyperlink to our case tracking database, known as Outcome Tracker, where the individual will confidentially enter further case information, and formally initiate the mediation process and required payments.

Those who instead prefer an initial consultation will be called by a mediator, and verbally guided through the various options and opportunities that mediation has to offer. Please also include your phone number when requesting consultation.
Community Mediation Services Fee Schedule
Mediation session fees are typically divided between the parties to the case. However, before we can open your case there is a $40 case opening fee that must be collected before we contact the other party to your case. No one is turned away because of inability to pay. Fee waivers are available. Please contact the office to inquire (408) 792-2327.

Facilitation Services Fee Schedule

In addition to $40 case opening fee, the Dispute Resolution Program utilizes a sliding scale to assess fees for facilitation services. Unlike the fees charged on a per case basis for mediation, facilitation fees are charged on an hourly basis, and are divided between all involved parties. Each party is assessed a facilitation fee according to the organization’s annual budget and number of paid employees commensurate with the chart below. The fees become due upon appointment confirmation, and are payable 7 days before the beginning of the first session. Participants are afforded a maximum of 16 hours facilitation time. Some facilitation projects may be subsidized, and therefore services may be provided on a pro bono basis when organizations satisfy particular annual budget criteria, and make explicit requests for fee waivers.

Opening Fee
Organization’s Size $0 Annual budget below​ ​$50 per hour Annual budget above ​$100 per hour Annual budget below ​$150 Per hour Annual budget above
​$40 ​1-5 employees ​$150,000 ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
​$40 ​6-15 employees ​$500,000 ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
​$40 ​More than 15 employees ​N/A ​$150,000 ​$500,000 ​$500,000
​$40 ​More than 15 employees ​N/A ​$500,000 $1,000,000​ $1,000,000​
For verification purposes, the Program will require a copy of a 501(c)(3) TIN Letter and most recently filed 990, which may be attached to your initial contact email.
Training Services Fee Schedule
Training fees range from $375 per individual for a 16 hour advanced training, to $750 per person for 40 hour Introduction to Mediation Principles and Practice mediation trainings. Mediation and communication skill enhancement seminar fees are $20, and are open to the general public, covering a diverse array of nuanced communication skill sets. Customized mediation training fees for schools & 501(c)(3) non-profits are available at the rate of $150 per hour, up to a total of 16 hours of training