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Juvenile Welfare Office of the Ombudsman

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The Juvenile Welfare Office of the Ombudsman

Department of Family and Children's Services


The Ombudsperson:

  • Is independent & neutral
  • Listens to your issues & concerns
  • Works informally & confidentially
  • Provides information about the juvenile dependency process
  • Helps you identify your choices
  • Improves communication
  • Focuses on dispute resolution

The Ombudsperson Does NOT:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Take sides or become an advocate
  • Change placement or visitation orders
  • Act as your attorney
  • Change your social worker

Whom Do We Serve?


The Ombuds serves all Santa Clara County visitors with cases or concerns concerning child abuse or neglect, including birth parents, relative care providers, foster parents, children, social workers, and members of the community.


Contact our office:

Phone: (408) 792-2313

Fax: (408) 297-2463



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