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Human Relations
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Our Vision

To build a community in which the human needs and civil rights of every person are met.
Mission Statement 
The Office of Human Relations promotes and provides services that serve to bridge county government and our diverse community, builds positive inter-group relations, and helps to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in Santa Clara County.

The Office of Human Relations, a department of the Office of the County Executive serves county residents by providing staff support and direction to the Human Relations Commission, an advisory body to the County Board of Supervisors.

In addition, OHR seeks to build strong working relationships throughout the county for the purpose of enhancing community access to county government. In many cases, OHR may be called upon to mediate community disputes and to hold public hearings to secure public testimony on important community matters.

The Office of Human Relations is dedicated to the principle that people working together with compassion can achieve respect, peace and harmony in our community.

The Office of Human Relations offers programs such as the Dispute Resolution Program  and the Institute for Non-Violence, two programs that serve to teach the community to resolve problems in productive ways. OHR also provides research and advocacy through the Immigrant Relations and Integration Services Program, the Network for a Hate-Free Community, the Youth Taskforce and the Jail Observer Program.