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Volunteer Opportunities

Last modified: 3/17/2015 2:30 PM

The Office of Human Relations currently has the following volunteer opportunities to assist in the work of improving human relations in Santa Clara County.

Human Relations Commission
The Human Relations Commission is an advisory body to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors with respect to human relations and human rights.  The Peace Building Committee, Social Issues Committee, and Justice Review Committee meet monthly to address issues of concern and to improve community relations.  If you are interested in joining the Commission, please contact:

Dispute Resolution Programs
The County of Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Programs has a number of internship opportunities in the field of professional neutrality.  Intern assignmnts typically involve assistance with mediation casework across a spectrum of subject matters, including superior court civil matters, district attorney referrals, juvenile delinquency, family court facilitations, and many others.  For more information regarding program requirements and logistics, please visit and follow the navigable links for “Join Us” and “Interns and Volunteers.”  There, you will find a volunteer application with instructions for submission. Alternatively, please contact Milina Jovanovic, Acting Program Coordinator, at (408) 792-2319, or Viola Alvarez, at (408) 792-2314.

Office of Immigrant Relations                   

For information and availability on volunteering with Office of Immigrant Relations, please contact:  
Teresa Castellanos
Program Coordinator
Office of Immigrant Relations
(408) 792-2306

Network for a Hatefree Community & Jail Observer Program

For information and availability of volunteer positions with these programs, please contact: 
Kate Jones, J.D.
Program Coordinator
Network for a Hate Free Community / Jail Observer Program
(408) 792-2304