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The Silicon Valley 2.0 Project is a regional effort, managed by the Santa Clara County Office of Sustainability and funded by the Strategic Growth Council, to minimize the anticipated impacts of climate change and reduce the generation of local greenhouse gas emissions.



Please Stay Tuned For a Full Update to the Silicon Valley 2.0 Project, 
including an introduction to the Silicon Valley 2.0 Decision Support Tool.


The project will use a risk management framework to:

A) evaluate the exposure of community assets (i.e., infrastructure, populations, and landscapes) to likely climate impacts, 

B) examine the potential consequences to the economy, society, and environment of this exposure, and 

C) develop preemptive adaptation strategies that improve community resiliency.

Why does Silicon Valley need a Climate Change and Adaptation Plan?

Over the next century, increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are expected to cause a variety of changes to local climate conditions including sea level rise, increased coastal and riverine flooding, and more frequent and higher temperature extreme heat wave events. Development and implementation of climate adaptation strategies will be important to protect the region's people, infrastructure, ecosystems, and vibrant economy.

What are the goals of Silicon Valley 2.0?

  • Prepare a strategic climate change adaptation plan that aims to facilitate and coordinate regional planning and implementation efforts for Silicon Valley
  • Identify assets within the region that are threatened by the anticipated climate change conditions and the magnitude of the potential economic, social, and environmental impacts that could result if no action is taken. 
  • Identify potential strategies to minimize these impacts. 
  • Develop a decision-support tool that will allow jurisdictions and other organizations to evaluate potential climate change impacts and strategies within their communities
  • Ultimately, the plan will identify the region’s top priorities, and the near–term actions needed to implement an effective regional scale adaptation response.
For more about the project, download the Project Description​

What is the time line for Silicon Valley 2.0?

Silicon Valley 2.0 is a 22-month endeavor beginning January 2013 and completing in February 2015.  

For detailed information on the project timeline, download the Project Schedule​​​.

For more information contact:

Demetra J. McBride
Director, Office of Sustainability and Climate Action
Santa Clara County, Office of the County Executive
70 W. Hedding Street, East Wing, 11th Floor
San Jose, California, 95110
Phone: (408) 299-6413