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Interactive Maps and Data

Last modified: 2/6/2015 8:18 AM


Visit our Featured Maps where you can view and query interactive maps.

There are two ways to access our GIS data:

1. Visit our GIS Data Services Site.  All data are accessible as web services for mashups and other web based mapping adventures. Some data are available for export as geodatabases utilizing user provided ArcMap software.

2. Visit our GIS Data Download Site. These data are available as shapefile, and KML, and are available as individual data layers.

To provide feedback or report issues regarding our Featured Maps or GIS Data services, contact a TeamGIS member via email.  

View the Guide To Using Interactive Maps




Attention Mobile Device Users: Our interactive maps may also be viewed on most mobile devices (phones and tablets). For a more robust experience, you are encouraged to download the free ArcGIS App from your device’s appropriate store. The app is available from Google Play, The Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Phone Marketplace. Once installed search within the app for Santa Clara County Planning Office to find these interactive maps.