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Environmental Documents

Last modified: 4/1/2015 4:15 PM

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 Environmental Impact Reports (Active)

 Environmental Assessments / Negative Declarations





Boulder Ridge Pool and Fitness Facility
(File #2195)


Information regarding the Boulder Ridge Pool and Fitness Facility can be found on our Current Major Projects page.

Conservation Center for Wildlife Care EIR
(File #6943-12EIR)


Information regarding the Conservation Center for Wildlife Care Project can be found on our Current Major Projects page.

On-site Wastewater Treatment System Ordinance
Environmental Impact Report

(File #10060)



Description: The proposed project is an update of regulations governing individual on-site wastewater treatment systems within the unincorporated portions of the County. The project also includes updates to related sections of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

 Location: Unincorporated Santa Clara County. 

Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D


For further information, please contact David Rader.


Coyote Highlands Cluster Subdivision
(File #3009)

Description: The proposed project is for a subdivision of approximately 567 acres into 25 single family residential parcels and five (5) open space parcels, construction of roads, utilities, storm drainage systems, communal water supply system, private recreational trails, and habitat features. The 25 residential lots will range in size from approximately 3.45 to 10.76 acres; the open space area will be approximately 508 acres in area.  

Location: The subject property is located within unincorporated lands east of the City of Morgan Hill, east of Carey Land and Maple Avenue.
For further information, please contact Mark Connolly, County of Santa Clara, Planning Office, 70 W. Hedding Street, East Wing, 7th Floor, San Jose, CA  95110.​


Coyote Highlands Subdivision EIR
(File #3009)


Overall Development Plan (VTM)
Notice of Preparation
For further information, please contact Mark Connolly.

Permanente Quarry: EMSA Reclamation Plan Amendment
(File #2250)


Description: Amendment to the 1985 Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan to reclaim the mined lands of the Permanente Quarry in a manner suitable for future open space uses within the next 20 years. The mined lands comprise approximately 1,238 acres (RPA Area) within the Applicant’s overall 3,510-acre ownership, and include the Quarry Pit, two overburden piles referred to as the EMSA and WMSA, Crusher/Quarry Offices, Surge Pile, Rock Plant, a mining exploration area south of Permanente Creek, and an area adjacent to and within Permanente Creek corridor. The reclamation activities include stabilization of mined slopes, re-vegetation, installation of storm water detention, and removal of mining material from the Permanente Creek corridor.


Location: Western foothills of Santa Clara County approximately two miles west of the intersection of Interstate 280 and Highway 85, Cupertino. 

 For further information, please contact Marina Rush.



Negative Declarations


Church of the Redeemer Hall and School
(File #671)

Description: This application is to modify an existing Use Permit and Architectural and Site Approval to expand the church facilities of the Los Altos Antiochian Orthodox Church of the Holy Redeemer, and to add conditions within the Use Permit to allow for the annual festival that occurs on one weekend (Saturday, Sunday) each year, located at 380 Magdalena Avenue.
The proposed project requests modification of the existing Use Permit and Architectural & Site Approval (ASA) to add a new 2 story hall (17,634 sq. ft.) that will include space for a fellowship hall, administrative offices, and pre-K thru 8th grade school/Sunday school classrooms, and kitchen. The existing 1 story hall (1,636 sq. ft.), and 1 story office with Sunday school classrooms building (2,527 sq. ft.) shall be demolished. The existing main church building shall remain on-site along with the existing parking of 91 parking spaces. Sewer and water services are provided by Los Altos utility services. Approximately 46 trees are proposed for removal (a majority which are non native trees within the footprint of the new 2 story building. New landscaping and trees surrounding the footprint will be preserved.
The K to 8th grade school shall operate 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday with a maximum occupancy of 81 students and 22 staff members.

Location: The subject property is located on the southeast side of Magdalena Avenue between Magdalena Avenue and Interstate 280 at 380 Magdalena Avenue within unincorporated area of Santa Clara County, within the Urban Service Area of Los Altos.


Plans NOI Initial Study


The public comment period starts on April 1, 2015 and ends on April 21, 2015.
For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Colleen Tsuchimoto


Camp Saratoga Rehabilitation Project
(File #1592)

Description: The proposed project is to rehabilitate an existing camp I retreat facility, Camp Saratoga, through obtaining Architecture and Site Approval (ASA) and Grading. Proposed project scope includes demolishing (9) existing cabins, consolidating and building four (4) new camper I staff cabins, one (1) facility storage building, reconstructing the existing Norris House for administration functions and various site improvements such as installing new parking lot, internal access serving the new buildings, ADA and utility upgrades..


Location: The subject property is located on 24500 Big Basin Way, in the unincorporated area of Santa Clara County, outside of the City of Saratoga's urban service area. The parcel is approximately 2.5 miles west of County Sanborn Park and 3.5 miles east of Hwy 35 /Skyline Blvd, on the north side of Big Basin Way I Hwy 9 /Congress Springs Road. The site is approximately 198 acres in size, comprising of APN 503-35-001 and 503-43-001, while the proposed activity primarily is on a small area in the western portion of APN 503-43-001. The proposed development mostly involves existing buildings and nearby vicinity.

Summary Sheet NOI Initial Study

For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Pamela Wu


Stanford Perimeter Trail
(File #8464)

Description: Construction and operation of the Stanford Perimeter Trail (SPT) consisting of a 3.4-mile long multi-use recreational trail (walking, jogging, biking) along three of the four major streets surrounding the Stanford University core campus: Junipero Serra Boulevard, Stanford Avenue and El Camino Real.


Location: Perimeter of the Stanford University campus; 3.4 miles along the perimeter of the academic campus (along Junipero Serra Boulevard, Stanford Avenue, and El Camino Real) in unincorporated Santa Clara County and the City of Palo Alto


For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Kavitha Kumar


Gavilan College
(File #10642)

Description: The proposed project is an agreement under which Gavilan College would lease a portion of the San Martin Airport from the County of Santa Clara for construction and operation of facilities to be used for an aviation program. The lease agreement would require the approval of the County Board of Supervisors.


Location: The project site is located at the San Martin Airport, in the unincorporated area of San Martin on a plot of undeveloped annual grassland between the south end of Hanger N-4 and the Airport Maintenance Buildings. The entrance to the facility would be from Murphy Avenue on the west side of the airport.

Initial Study​ NOI

The public comment period starts on November 17, 2014 and ends on December 06, 2014. For further information, or to submit comments, please contact David Rader


Cell Tower
(File #10514)

Description: This application is for a Use Permit and Architecture and Site Approval to establish a new 100-foot tall telecommunications tower. The tower will be painted a neutral color to ensure minimal visibility to passersby. The proposed telecommunication facility will consist of a 2,500 square foot fence enclosed leasehold area with the monopole located within the leasehold area. Ancillary improvements include one (1) equipment shelter and one (1) 50 kilowatt standby propane generator. The proposed site will be surrounded by a 6-foot high chain-link fence. No grading will be necessary for the access road and minimal grading will be needed for the facility as a whole, insufficient to require a grading permit.
The proposed telecommunications tower will include the following components:

  • Twelve (12) eight foot tall panel antennas of which eight (8) will be centered at the 96-foot level and four (4) mounted at the 60-foot level
  • Ground-based equipment located within a 2,500 square foot leasehold area
  • Neutral matte color with a non-reflective finish

No trees will be removed for this project which will be accessed by an existing private road off Uvas Road.


Location: The subject property is a rural zoned, unincorporated, 11 acre parcel located at 15585 Uvas Road, ono-half mile west of Uvas Reservoir and approximately 5 miles southwest of the City of Morgan Hill.

Initial Study​ NOI

The public comment period starts on August 7, 2014 and ends on August 28, 2014. For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Carl Hilbrants


Dog Training Facility
(File #9413)

The proposed project is a Use Permit and Architectural and Site Approval for Operation Freedom Paws, to operate a commercial dog kennel and training and facility. Operation Freedom Paws is a non-profit organization that pairs disabled veterans with physical, neurological, psychological or mobility needs, with dogs to assist them in their daily lives. The veterans, or others with disabilities, are also taught to train their own service dogs after leaving the facility. The operation is anticipated to include approximately 70 dogs coming to the site at various different times for training classes, boarding and demonstrations. However, quantifying how many dogs would be onsite at any one time, while at full capacity, is difficult given the demand for specific services. Two staff and five volunteers would operate the facility. A maximum of four training classes for no more than 20 clients per class would be a typical day of operation. A typical program lasts 48 weeks and most of the dogs come from rescue shelters. The Santa Clara Animal Control Department would issue a permit for operation of the facility and conduct annual inspection to ensure appropriate numbers of animals and care were adequate.

Part of the operation is also to provide boarding services 24- hours per day, seven days per week. The project plans show up to 48 outdoor kennels, 10 of which would be used for dogs waiting to be placed with new clients and the remaining 30 kennels would be used for overnight boarding. The facility would operate within existing buildings onsite, which includes two warehouse buildings and an existing office building. The site is also currently developed with a pole barn, which would be used for shaded demonstrations and seating. No structures would be proposed to be constructed. The operation would be open Monday-Sunday 7:00am to 6:00PM, for training and observation and 24 hours per day for boarding. There would be a worst-case scenario of 325 average daily trips (ADT) to and from the site.

The subject 4.21-net-acre property is located at 13920 Llagas Avenue within the A1-5ac Zoning district and the San Martin Use Permit Area. The site is currently developed with two 8,000 square-foot warehouse buildings and a 2,400 square-foot office building, plus a 1,600 square foot pole barn that are vacant. The site has 17 drain inlets, located on paved and non-paved areas. No structures are proposed to be constructed. The only improvement to the site is expected to be a widened driveway to meet county standards, for which an encroachment permit would be issued.

The property is not restricted by a Williamson Act Contract. No grading is proposed for the project. No trees would be removed. The domestic water supply would be provided by San Martin Water Company and sanitation provided by on-site septic systems. Project is located in unincorporated San Martin. Property of Sunset Properties INC. (Assessor Parcel No. 825-09-034, File No. 9413-14P-14A) (Supervisorial District One).


The subject property is a 4.21-net-acre parcel (4.41 gross) located at 13920 Llagas Avenue. Within the rural unincorporated community of San Martin. The site is bordered by Llagas creek to the north and east, two commercial / industrial uses across Llagas Avenue, such as an automobile wrecking / recycling yard, to the West and an orchard with a single-family residence to the south. The San Martin transfer station is located on the parcel immediately north of Llagas Creek. Monterey Highway to the east, Murphy Avenue to the west and E. San Martin Avenue to the south are the major roads surrounding the property. The South County Airport is located approximately ¾ mile to the south.

The property is developed with two warehouse buildings, an office building and a pole barn, as well as existing concrete and asphalt paving. Perimeter fencing, a front gate, as well as trees within the Llagas Creek Riparian corridor, defined as disturbed Riparian Woodland, are evident on the property. Primary vehicle access to the property is provided from Llagas Avenue and would remain as such. The proposed plans indicate 50 available parking spaces. The subject property is not under a Williamson Act Contract and has no designated Prime Farmland. Beyond the trees located within the Riparian corridor along Llagas Creek, No oak woodland, serpentine soils or rock outcrops are located on the property. Surrounding land uses consist of rural properties of similar size, primarily used for commercial / industrial uses, agriculture and low-density rural residential development.

Initial Study​ NOI

Other documents can be found on the Current Projects page.


The public comment period starts on August 8, 2014 and ends on August 27, 2014. For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Mark Connolly


James Ranch Expansion
(File #10512)

Description: The proposed project would involve construction of new facilities at the William F. James Boys Ranch, an existing minimum security juvenile detention facility located in Morgan Hill. The new facilities would include an admissions / treatment / visitors center, a gymnasium building, and a dormitory as well as related infrastructure, such as parking spaces, driveways, covered walkways, and landscaping. The proposed project would also include demolition of the existing dormitory following completion and occupancy of the new one. The current James Ranch facility has a capacity of 84 beds. The expanded facility would accommodate up to 108 beds at full capacity.


Location: The subject property is a 150-acre parcel located at 19050 Malaguerra Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA

Initial Study​ NOI

The public comment period starts on January 22, 2014 and ends on February 21, 2014. For further information, or to submit comments, please contact David Rader


Giovannotto Land and Cattle Subdivision
(File #10214)

Description: This application is for a two-lot subdivision of an existing 432.97 acre site. (See attached tentative subdivision map for details). The project will subdivide a parcel that fronts Whiskey Flat Road; Parcel 1 will be 352.97 acres and Parcel 2 will be 80 acres. The property is zoned AR (Agriculture Ranchlands), with 19.7% of it zoned AR-sr (Agriculture Ranchlands scenic road). Harrison Road, which runs through Parcel 2 of the proposed subdivision, will be widened in narrow areas, and paved and improved where necessary as required by Land Development Engineering standards, to provide access to the parcels. Some improvements on the access road have already been constructed which will be permitted as part of the conditions of the subdivision.
Once the property is subdivided, each lot could be developed with a single family residence, and secondary dwelling. Future home development would be served by well and onsite septic systems. However no residential development is proposed at this time.


Location: The parcel to be subdivided is located between Whiskey Flat Road and Pacheco Pass Highway west of Dinosaur Point Road adjacent to the Merced County Line with the rural unincorporated area of Santa Clara County, south and east of the City of Gilroy.

Initial Study​ NOI
Vicinity Map Subdivision Map Road Plan

The public comment period starts on January 13, 2014 and ends on February 03, 2014. For further information, or to submit comments, please contact Colleen Tsuchimoto