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Application Materials: Lot Line Adjustment

Last modified: 6/5/2013 1:08 PM

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    Master Application Form

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5 Site Plans
1 Assessor's Parcel Map
1 Copy of Current Recorded Grant Deed
1 Evidence Showing Legal Creation of Lot
1 Well Information Questionnaire
1 Preliminary Title Report

Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans shall be folded to 9 x 12 inch size.   When additional applications are concurrently being filed (e.g., grading permit, design review), submittal items need not be duplicated.


   Additional Information and Materials that May be Required

General Plan Conformance and Contiguity/ Annexation Form   (1 copy)
Required to determine general plan conformance if subject parcels are located within a city's urban service area.  Lot-line adjustment applications are not subject to annexation.

Environmental Information Form (CEQA)  (11 copies)
May be required for certain lot-line adjustment applications.  A determination will be made during the mandatory pre-application process.  An additional  fee is required. Additional information and environmental assessment forms, including "Use of Prior CEQA Document," and "Petition for CEQA Exemption, may be found  here.

Slope-Density Calculation Form   (1 copy)
If the zoning designation's minimum lot size is based on slope-density, calculations by engineer or surveyor must be submitted when necessary to determine minimum lot size.

Acknowledgements and Agreements Form

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination
If subject parcel is under a Willimson Act contract, submit documentation verifying a commercial agricultural use. 


  • If any deed(s) includes an exception or more than one lot, parcel or description, the applicant must note on the deed which parcels, lots, descriptions or exceptions pertain to the lot-line adjustment.
  • Each copy of the deed must include the entire deed, with no pages missing.  The copies of the deeds must be clearly readable, with recording dates and numbers clearly shown.
  • Professional assistance maybe required for deed research and document preparation.



   Lot-Line Adjustment Pre-Application  (Mandatory)

2 Site Plans 
1 Assessor's Parcel Map
1 Current Grant Deed for Each Lot
1 General Plan Conformance and Contiguity/ Annexation Form (if applicable)
1 Slope-Density Calculation (if applicable)