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Viewshed Protection Stakeholders Committee and Meetings

Last modified: 3/28/2012 2:24 PM

As part of the work plan and Board-approved schedule to develop viewshed protection options for Board consideration, Viewshed Plan Stakeholder Committee Meetings were held from January 24th through February 28th, 2006, in the form of 6 weekly meetings.  This ad hoc stakeholder group acted in an advisory capacity to the Planning Office staff in further developing its preliminary recommendations to the Board. 

The emphasis of the meetings were on hearing and understanding a diversity of viewpoints, including those of property owners, private sector engineers and architects, realtors, environmental representatives, as well as County civil engineers and Fire Marshall's Office.

The meetings were open to the public but were intended to facilitate discussion
among the stakeholders and staff.  Public testimony and comment was received at the meetings and by e-mail. 

With the conclusion of the stakeholder meetings, three additional public outreach
meetings are scheduled in March 2006 to discuss the preliminary recommendations of the Viewshed Protection Study.

Viewshed Plan Stakeholder Committee roster and schedule
Summary of Stakeholder Committee Meetings