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Intensive Supervision & Alternative Programs (ISAP) - English/Spanish

Last modified: 3/5/2012 12:11 PM


House Arrest/Home Detention

In this program, an inmate with at least 30 days remaining on their sentence is allowed to return home under intensive supervision and monitoring (Out-of-Custody cases with less then 30 days remaining on their sentence will be considered on a case by case basis). An electronic device mounted on the ankle helps the probation staff supervise the inmate closely at all times. The inmate can continue to live at home, work, attend school, vocational programs and counseling.  Frequent field contacts are made by the Probation Officer along with random home searches and drug/alcohol testing. The inmate must have prior approval from the Probation Officer to leave home for any reason.  All of the inmate's time is scheduled and approved by the Probation Officer. Participants are also subject to surveillance at any time. If the inmate is away from home or work without permission, tests positive for illegal drugs, or becomes a risk to the community, the inmate can be rearrested and returned to jail.  


A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is to be paid at the Department of Revenue prior to the inmate’s application being accepted and screened by the program. The cost of supervision is $49.00 a day with an initial deposit of $80.00. Inmates will serve their entire sentence as there are no GTWT credits given on EMP.


The use of GPS technology and equipment is now being utilized by the Intensive Supervision & Alternative Programs (ISAP) unit to monitor and track higher risk offenders serving their jail sentence on EMP in this county.   The use of this technology allows staff to provide a higher level of supervision through pinpoint tracking of offenders using 24 hour continuous monitoring devices and software programs.


The following factors will usually determine the applicant ineligible for participation in the program, but each case is screened on a case by case basis.   


  • High Level Drug Sales or any Violation of Probation where the original charge was drug sales
  • Any DV case with no contact orders
  • Violent Assaults with injury
  • First Degree Burglary
  • Use of firearms
  • High Risk Sex Offenders
  • Gang-related crimes
  • Escape from jail within the past two (2) years
  • Excessive criminal history and/or prison priors
  • A record of failing to complete programs or being "rolled up" during the past year.
  • Pending Court (No un-sentenced cases)
  • Outstanding warrants, a detainer, probation, parole or immigration holds
  • Severe mental health problems


Note:  A landline telephone service is required for EMP




The County Parole Program allows inmates to return home under greater supervision, complete their sentence while at the same time, maintaining employment or continuing their education. The Parole Board consists of three (3) voting members who determine who is awarded County Parole. CP supervision is from six (6) months to two (2) years. The Board decides the length of supervision and can make any legal and reasonable orders. These orders start after the request is granted and the inmate is transferred to CP. If the inmate is in custody solely on a misdemeanor conviction and has been fully sentenced, the inmate is immediately eligible to apply for this program. If the inmate is serving on a felony conviction and is fully sentenced, half of the sentence must be completed before applying for this program.


On all felony cases, the Sentencing Judge is contacted. The Judge is informed of the application and is given the opportunity to object to the transfer. Failure to successfully complete this program will result in a "roll-up."  The inmate will be returned to Elmwood to complete the original remaining sentence and no credit is given for the days served on CP. If the inmate successfully completes CP, the jail sentence is considered fully served. The cost for this program is $24.00 per day.




  • Still pending Court - The inmate must be sentenced on all cases
  • Live or work outside of Santa Clara County - The inmate MUST be a resident of this County for purposes of Supervision.  If employed, inmate must work only in Santa Clara County
  • The Sentencing Judge objects to the inmate’s placement in this program
  • Ineligible per Court Order
  • The safety of a victim or the community is in jeopardy by the inmate’s return to the community
  • Escape from jail within the past two (2) years
  • Failing to complete programs or was a “roll-up” from a program during the past year
  • Excessive history of criminality
  • Outstanding warrants, a detainer or probation, parole or immigration holds


 If the inmate has a drug and/ or alcohol problem, it is suggested the inmate completes an in-custody program that addresses their problem before applying for County Parole.


Program Contact Information

Adult Probation Department 435-2000
Intensive Supervision & Alternative Programs (ISAP) 435-2089 or 435-2088
ISAP Supervisor 435-2090