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Service Requests

Last modified: 7/11/2014 1:09 PM

Please complete the  County's General Service Request  to report a County traffic signal, street light or roadway problem;  otherwise, directly contact other Agencies regarding problems with their street lights, traffic signals and roadways.

In the event that you need to contact other Agencies, contact information can be obtained via this link  To Contact Other Agencies ... .    Please direct all follow-up information requests to that agency.

Reporting Traffic Signal Problems: To report a problem with a traffic signal either on a County-maintained expressway (Almaden, Capitol, Central, Foothill, Lawrence, Montague, Oregon/Page Mill or San Tomas) or in an unincorporated area, please complete the Traffic Signal Service Request form. Please contact other Agencies directly regarding problems with their traffic signals.

Reporting Roadway Problems: To report a problem on a County-maintained roadway, please complete the Roadway Service Request form. The County maintains roads in unincorporated areas of the County (those not within city limits) and the expressway system (but not Southwest Expressway). Other roads are operated by the various cities and the State. Please contact other Agencies directly regarding problems with their roadways.

Reporting Street Light Problems: To report a problem with a County-maintained street light, please complete the Street Light Service Request form.   Please contact other Agencies directly regarding problems with their street lights.  

When reporting a street light problem, first check the pole for a maintenance logo. Most County-maintained street light poles, except wooden poles, have a maintenance logo attached to the pole on the street side, about 6 feet above the ground. A pole number is similarly located and consists of 4 or 5 digits. Wood poles do not have the logo but should have a pole number. If the pole number includes a letter as the 2nd or 3rd character, i.e., 1J11 or 12Q112, then it is most likely maintained by the City of San Jose's Department of Transportation.  

If the street light is on a wooden pole, then it might be maintained by Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE).  Report the outage directly to PGE by using the link  PGE Street Light Service Request. The PGE site can help identify whether the pole is maintained by PGE or by a particular city, including contact information.

County traffic signal and roadway service requests submitted by one of the forms above will be responded to as soon as possible, often by the next business day;  street light service requests are usually completed within 10 business days.  Please contact other Agencies directly regarding problems with their facilities.

Reporting Emergencies:  If the problem constitutes an emergency situation, then you may call-in the Service Request to one of the following phone numbers:

  • 408-494-2700 during business hours (Mon-Fri, 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.), for traffic signal and street light problems
  • 408-494-2750 during business hours, for roadway problems
  • 408-298-3806 during business hours, to Fax the service request
  • 408-299-2507 during non-business hours, for emergencies.

To Contact Other Agencies and the RoadsMaster

To Contact Other Agencies ... 

Please contact the Roads and Airports Department's  RoadsMaster  in the event of any failures or other problems with this web page.

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