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Road Status

Last modified: 5/8/2013 12:32 PM

The long-term county expressway and roadway status report, and the real-time expressway status and current operating conditions are shown on the links in the Road Status Report Links area, below.​

Are you aware of hazardous road conditions that are in need of repair — especially conditions related to traffic​ signals, roadway conditions, street lights, or utility poles?   If so, then please follow this link to send us a   Service Request

Road Status Information for County Roadways

Landslides, fallen trees, uneven pavement, flooding, construc​tion, or other conditions may cause road closures.  Routine maintenance or emergency situation​s may also require lane closures.  Most non-construction closures are relatively short-term because Ro​ads crews respond quickly to restore normal operation. 

Current information regarding short-term County road closures and lane restrictions is available by calling the County's HOT LINE at 408-494-1382

A list of known long-term closures or lane restrictions, and the expected timeframe of the road restrictions is also available.   To view this report or for information regarding contact information for other areas within another agency's jurisdiction, click on the appropriate link listed below.

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