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Project Information

Last modified: 6/10/2014 5:22 PM


2003 Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study

County Expressways Vision

The County of Santa Clara maintains 8 expressways totaling 62 centerline miles, which serves 1.5 million trips daily.  The vision of the expressway system is to recognized unique characteristics, function, and community relationship of each expressway and to develop types of improvements tailored around each expressway’s vision.  As for Oregon Expressway, the vision is to maintain a multimodal, pedestrian friendly arterial roadway with slower, smooth-flowing traffic. 

Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study

In 2003, the County Board of Supervisors and Supervisor Liz Kniss in District 5 adopted The 2003 Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study.  During 2001 to 2003, an oversight was provided by the Expressway Study Policy Advisory Board and Councilmember Yoriko Kishimoto, Palo Alto, with assistance from a Technical Work Group.  One of the goals of the 2003 Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study was to provide a long-term plan for the improvement and maintenance of the County Expressway System.  It covers all types of capital improvements, operational and maintenance needs, and funding strategies.  Approximately $2 billion in capital and operational improvement needs were identified for roadway, bicycle, and pedestrian projects. 

 The Expressway Study included the following proposed improvements for Oregon Expressway:

  1. Replace signal poles and optimize timing plan avoiding impacts on safety at unsignalized intersections
  2. Construct pedestrian ramps with relocation of traffic signal poles at signalized intersections
  3. Study operational changes at the unsignalized intersections at Waverley, Ross, and Indian that avoid increasing traffic impacts on cross and parallel streets, enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety, and maintain vehicle safety
  4. Conduct feasibility study of adding turn lane at Middlefield Road and converting to 8-phase signal operation to enhance efficiency and safety without taking right-of-way

The Project

The Oregon Expressway Improvement Project has secured approx. $3.5 million, including a Federal grant and County match, to implement the above-proposed improvements on Oregon Expressway between West Bayshore and El Camino Real. Other funding may be available in small amounts. Community meetings took place in April and June 2008 to collect public input in order to refine project description, and to define clearly the project needs and alternatives. At present, the County goal is to complete community coordination and conceptual design refinements in time to present the preferred project alternatives to the City of Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission sometime on August 26, 2009. The County will seek formal City support for any proposed side street connection changes. Ultimately, the selected project alternatives will be included in a construction plan to be submitted to the County Board of Supervisors.

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