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The Trouble with Ticks

 Image courtesy of the University of Florida 
If you play or work outdoors, be watchful of troublesome ticks - they may carry Lyme disease. 
According to California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH), ticks are active not only in summertime.  They are active year-round and in temperatures above freezing levels.
Ticks are most commonly found in tall grassy areas and brush within suburbs and rural places.  They feed on blood for up to several days by attaching to the skin of both humans and animals.  If not treated immediately following symptoms, Lyme disease can progress into arthritis or various disorders relating to the nervous system.  Symptoms include a rash that spreads, usually accompanied by flu-like symptoms.
To reduce your chances of tick bites, check out this video, sponsored by CDPH.  To learn more, please click on this Press Release.

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