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Funeral Directors Only

Updated August 21, 2014 
Completing Death Certificates

When you or your staff are initiating death certificates, it is very important to use/reference the resources listed here:



Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)

The web-based Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) provides the ability for coroner's, funeral directors, doctors, and hospitals to submit electronic death certificates for registration 24 hours a day. Visit the California Electronic Death Registration System Help Desk or call the office for more information or to obtain a user account. When using EDRS to file with Santa Clara County, use/resources listed here:




Ordering Certified Copies

Please use this:


Contact Us
If you have any questions about our filing services, causes-of-death, etc., please call our office using our dedicated funeral home line at 1-408-885-2008 or use the FDRS "Submit Medical Information (MI) for Local Registrar (LR) Review" feature.



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