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STD/HIV Prevention & Control

​Where to get Tested

To find an STD testing site:

To find an HIV testing site:

Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Young Americans (Access and download) 

Santa Clara County STD Community Interventions Program (SCIP)


What is SCIP? 

The STD Community Interventions Program, also known as SCIP, is a statewide
program funded by the State of California STD Control Branch. Locally, SCIP is
coordinated by Santa Clara County Public Health Department STD & HIV Prevention and
Control. SCIP aims to build the capacity of schools, community based agencies, and organizations
to integrate STD information into their curriculum, programs, and

What does SCIP do? 

SCIP’s approach to sustainable STD prevention programs is to build skills of educators and
program staff, as well as establish collaborations between youth serving
community based programs, government projects, and schools via cross training and interagency
partnerships that focus on integrating STD prevention into youth
development, teen pregnancy prevention, alcohol and drug use and violence

What services does SCIP offer? 

The local SCIP program will work with your program, school, organization, or district to assess
current activities and create a tailored approach to increasing capacity for STD prevention
through the following services:
  • Identify local resources and gaps in student/youth services
  • Facilitate networking with youth agencies that have complementary program
  • Offer Technical Assistance (TA) on program planning, evaluation, grant writing and
    other program/school needs
  • Provide FREE professional trainings for staff and teachers on STDs, youth
    facilitation, STD and HIV curriculum, program planning, and more!
  • Offer local, State, and National STD information, data, and trends
  • Answer questions and provide appropriate referrals for topics on youth and STDs
  • Provide a FREE STD Lesson Plan Curriculum and health education materials for teachers
    or other youth program staff

For more information about SCIP, please contact Mahal Aguirre at 
or (408) 792-5030 


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Our mission is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.