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Breastfeeding Services

Updated August 4, 2014
August is National Breastfeeding Month!

WIC Breastfeeding Education
WIC provides breastfeeding education and support to mothers enrolled in the program because breast milk is good for your baby’s health.  It reduces allergies, colds, ear infections, and other health problems.  It also boosts your baby’s immune system, protecting him or her from illnesses.
In addition, mothers who breastfeed can stay in the WIC program longer.  WIC offers breastfeeding classes, peer counselors, support groups, and Board Certified lactation consultants for complex breastfeeding issues.



Please go to our Facebook page at Breastfeeding Task Force of Santa Clara County to learn more about what is going on in Santa Clara County.


Learn more about the California Breastfeeding Coalition's Breastfeeding Task Force of Santa Clara Valley

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Santa Clara County Breastfeeding Support Line  408-885-5950 

Babies Were Born To Be Breastfed!



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