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Types of Foster Care Placement - Foster Parent Recruitment

Last modified: 3/9/2012 10:57 AM
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Emergency Satellite Home

Emergency Satellite Homes (ESH) provide an immediate family for children in need of placement. After children enter care, our goal is to thoroughly assess the child’s needs and the needs of the child’s family within 59 days (the assessment phase). During the assessment phase a concurrent placement home for the child is identified that can provide ongoing 24/7 foster care while reunification services are offered.  Interested ESH caregivers will be considered for concurrent placement if no relatives for placement are identified. ESH caregivers who are interested in becoming the concurrent adoptive placement for a child placed in their home when no relatives have been identified for placement, and who have no current approved adoptive home study on file, must contact 299-KIDS to initiate an adoptive home study within 30 days after informing the social worker of their desire to be considered as the concurrent home.

Concurrent Home

Concurrent Homes provide 24/7 foster care for children while reunification services are provided to the child and child’s family. Concurrent Home families actively support reunification efforts. This type of family is willing to provide a permanent home for the child if reunification with the parents is not possible. When children cannot return to their families, our goal is to provide the child with the strongest possible legal connection with the concurrent family. Adoption provides the strongest legal connection, followed by legal guardianship. Due to the unique needs of some children, concurrent families sometimes provide long-term care, even up to the time of the child’s emancipation and beyond, without becoming an adoptive family or legal guardian family for the child.

Respite Care Homes

Respite Care Homes provide service for the Foster/Resource Parents who may need a short-term placement for up to 72 hours for various reasons, such as family emergencies, work related issues or other challenge or unusual circumstances facing the child’s Foster/Resource family.