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SSA Program Policy Handbooks:
Handbook CalWORKs
Handbook CAPI
Handbook CalWORKs Employment Services
Handbook Common-Place
Handbook CalFresh
Handbook Foster Care
Handbook General Assistance
Handbook Medi-Cal
CWES Handbook Sections
Policy Interpretations
pdf Table of Contents
pdf Index
CWES Handbook Chapters
1.pdf WTW 24-Month Time Limit
2.pdf Exemptions
3.pdf Scheduling Process
4.pdf Orientation and Appraisal
5.pdf Job Readiness
6.pdf Self-Initiated Program (SIP)
7.pdf CalWORKs SSI Advocacy
8.pdf CWES Assessment
9.pdf The Welfare-to-Work (WTW) Plan
10. Reserved for Future Use
11.pdf Family Services Program
12.pdf Santa Clara County Works Program (SCC Works)
13.pdf Learning Disability Screening and Evaluation
14. Reserved for Future Use
15.pdf Cal-Learn [EAS 42-762]
16.pdf School Attendance
17.pdf Making Satisfactory Progress (MSP)
18.pdf Student Financial Aid
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20. Reserved for Future Use
21. Reserved for Future Use
22. Reserved for Future Use
23.pdf Bike To Work
24.pdf Vehicle Repairs
25.pdf Transportation-Related Expenses
26.pdf Child Care Services
27.pdf Trustline and Health & Safety
28.pdf Ancillary Expenses [EAS 42-750]
29.pdf Employment and Post-Aid Services
30.pdf Domestic Abuse
31. Reserved for Future Use
32. Reserved for Future Use
33. Reserved for Future Use
34.pdf Documentation
35.pdf Deferred/Good Cause
36.pdf Non-Compliance Process
37. Reserved for Future Use
38.pdf CWES Fraud Referrals
39.pdf CWES Overpayment and Underpayment
40.pdf CWES Fiscal
41.pdf Health Alliance
42.pdf DFCS/CWES Common Cases
43.pdf Companion Case Procedures
44.pdf Case Transfers
45.pdf Integrated Document Management (IDM) and Order of Filing in IDM
46. Reserved for Future Use
47. Reserved for Future Use
48.pdf Additional Client Resources
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Disclaimer: All County Letters (ACLs) issued from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and All County Welfare Director Letters (ACWDLs) issued from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) provide State policy and direction to counties for categorical aid programs. The County of Santa Clara disseminates the information regarding the Federal, State and County policies via Program Handbooks. A handbook has been developed locally for each categorical aid that's administered by Social Services Agency - Department of Employment and BenefitsServices (DEBS); containing specific guidelines and procedures based on the ACLs and ACWDLs for that particular program. These policies and procedures are updated periodically to reflect State and County policy changes in conjunction with internal memorandums.