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SSA Program Policy Handbooks:
Handbook CalWORKs
Handbook CAPI
Handbook CalWORKs Employment Services
Handbook Common-Place
Handbook CalFresh
Handbook Foster Care
Handbook General Assistance
Handbook Medi-Cal
Medi-Cal Handbook Sections
Policy Interpretations
Information Notices
pdf Table of Contents  
pdf Index
Medi-Cal Handbook Chapters
1.pdf Definitions
2. Reserved for Future Use
3.pdf Inquiries and Resources
4. Reserved for Future Use
5.pdf Applications
6.pdf Verifications
7.pdf Denials/Discontinuances
8.pdf Senate Bill (SB) 87 Process
9.pdf Specialized Intake
10.pdf Redeterminations
11.pdf Long Term Care (LTC)
12.pdf Other Health Coverage
13. Reserved for Future Use
14.pdf Third Party Liability
15.pdf Health Care Options/Managed Care
16.pdf Medicare Coverage
17.pdf State/County Administered Health Insurance Programs
18.pdf Status Reports/Change Reporting Notices of Action
19.pdf Intercounty Transfer
20.pdf Medi-Cal Programs
21.pdf Special Programs
22.pdf Continued Eligibility for Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children [50262.3]
23.pdf Section 1931(b) Medi-Cal Program
24. Reserved for Future Use
25.pdf Medically Needy (MN) Medi-Cal
26.pdf Medically Indigent
27.pdf DDSD - Disability Referral Criteria
28.pdf DDSD - Providing EW Observations
29.pdf DDSD - Disability Evaluation Forms
30.pdf DDSD - EW Procedures
31.pdf DDSD - Special Referrals
32.pdf DDSD - Reexaminations, Redeterminations, and Reevaluations
33.pdf DDSD - Presumptive Disability
34.pdf Refugees
35.pdf Transitional Medi-Cal
36.pdf Special Treatment Programs
37.pdf TB Program
38.pdf Aged Blind and Disabled Programs
39.pdf Minor Consent
40.pdf Waiver Programs and Limited Services
41.pdf Citizenship/Immigration Status
42.pdf California Residency
43.pdf Institutional Status [50273]
44.pdf 250% Working Disabled (WD) Program
45.pdf Treatment of Property
46.pdf Personal Property
47.pdf Trusts and Annuities [Article 9J]
48.pdf Principal Residence
49.pdf Other Real Property (ORP)
50.pdf Life Estate
51.pdf In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
52. Reserved for Future Use
53.pdf Income/General
54.pdf Exempt Income
55.pdf Misc. Income Information
56.pdf Earned Income
57.pdf Unearned Income
58.pdf Income for MAGI MC and APTC/ CSR
59.pdf Responsible Relatives
60.pdf MFBU Determinations
61.pdf Budgeting
62.pdf Share of Cost
63.pdf Hunt v. Kizer (Applying Old Medical Bills to the Share of Cost)
64.pdf Medi-Cal Identification Cards/Out of State Billing
65.pdf Overpayments
66. Reserved for Future Use
67.pdf Court Orders: Edwards through Bontá
68.pdf Court Orders: Lynch v. Rank (Pickle Amendment)
69.pdf Court Orders: Reese through Hunt
70.pdf Court Orders: Sneede v. Kizer
71.pdf Court Orders: Radcliffe through Pettit v. Bonta
72.pdf External Referral
Disclaimer: All County Letters (ACLs) issued from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and All County Welfare Director Letters (ACWDLs) issued from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) provide State policy and direction to counties for categorical aid programs. The County of Santa Clara disseminates the information regarding the Federal, State and County policies via Program Handbooks. A handbook has been developed locally for each categorical aid that's administered by Social Services Agency - Department of Employment and BenefitsServices (DEBS); containing specific guidelines and procedures based on the ACLs and ACWDLs for that particular program. These policies and procedures are updated periodically to reflect State and County policy changes in conjunction with internal memorandums.