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Voter Registration Forms

Completing Registration Forms

To learn more about completing and returning voter registration forms, please read the Completing and Returning Voter​ Registration Forms instructional flyer. 

Voter's Action Request Form

To update your voter registration information, complete the Voter's Action Request Form ​(VARF).

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Petition Signature Withdrawal Form

To withdraw your signature from a petition, you may complete the Petition Signature Withdrawal Form​ or submit a written request that includes your name, residence address, and signature. The request to withdraw your signature must be filed in the elections official’s office prior to the date the petition is filed or in the case of a statewide Recall Special Election, within 30 business days of the Secretary of State certifying the petition.​

Provisional Unsigned Ballot Statement Form

If you returned the Provisional or Conditional ballot envelope without the required voter signature on the ballot envelope​, please complete the Provisional Unsigned Ballot Statement Form.​

Signature Verification Statement Form

If the signature on your Provisional or Conditional ballot envelope does not match ROV records, please complete the Signature Verification Statement Form.​​​

To reach our staff for assistance, please email or call :
General: (408) 299-VOTE [8683] or, toll free: (866) 430-VOTE [8683]​
Chinese: ​(408) 282-3086
Spanish: (408) 282-3095
Tagalog: (408) 535-3916
​Vietnamese: (408) 282-3097
Hindi: (408) 282-3227​​
Japanese: (408) 282-3235​
Korean: (408) 282-3250
Khmer: (408) 282-3299
Last updated: 5/26/2021 4:40 PM