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County 9-1-1 Communications
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Employee Excellence Award

Published on: 4/12/2016 2:00 PM
Christopher Mercado
Senior Communications Dispatcher
        After starting his County career at the Library in November 2001, Christopher Mercado, or Chris, as he is known, has been an outstanding 9-1-1 professional for over eleven years.  He provides efficient, effective, quality service and demonstrates a dedication and sincere regard for the community he has served as a public safety dispatcher since September 2004.  Early in his dispatch career Chris exhibited the qualities of a true leader.  After quickly completing certification as a Dispatcher I, Chris displayed a keen knowledge of policies and procedures that

made him a clear go-to person on his shift.  During his career Chris has performed work out of class, volunteered for deployments as a tactical dispatcher, established himself as a well-respected Certified Training Officer, and has contributed tremendously as an academy instructor.
        When a Senior Communications Dispatcher position became available, there was no question that Chris was the best candidate for the position.  Since his promotion to Senior Communications Dispatcher on January 20, 2014, he has consistently exerted himself as a leader by ensuring all policy and procedures are consistently applied on his shift, volunteers for projects, serves as a steward and never passes up an opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills.  Recognizing Chris for the Employee Excellence Award is a fitting tribute for his contributions and commitment to the Department’s public safety mission and core values.