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Interesting 9-1-1 Calls and Success Stories

September 30, 2012

          Dispatchers Jennifer Rose and Bill Gehl were recognized by the Sheriff’s Office for “ a job very well done”  due to the critical role they played in the successful apprehension of residential burglary suspects. The incident occurred in Saratoga on 9/30/2012. Dispatcher Rose created the in-progress call within 26 seconds and kept the juvenile caller on the line obtaining more information about the suspects.  Dispatcher Gehl assigned units in 9 seconds and Sheriff deputies were on scene in 2 minutes and 34 seconds from the time the caller dialed 9-1-1.  Dispatcher Gehl provided additional, timely information that directed deputies toward the location of one suspect who was trying to escape through a backyard.           Teamwork in action!

 July 7, 2012

          Dispatchers Pedro Yanez and Manik Gonzalez were recognized for their role in contributing to the successful apprehension of a suspect after initiating a Sheriff dispatch to an afterhours alarm at a local Cupertino high school.


  June 30, 2012:

          Shooting on Higuera Highland resulting in two victims being transported to local hospitals for gunshot wounds and one victim being transported for stab wounds. Dispatcher Shellie Vandegraaf received a commendation from the Sheriff’s Office for her professionalism while processing a 9-1-1 call during which she “provided critical information to the caller which may have preserved the lives of the two surviving gun shot victims.”

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