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Foster Care Application

Once a pet is placed in a foster home all that is required of the foster family is to provide shelter and all the love and attention you can give a foster pet. County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter will provide dry and wet food as well as kitty litter. County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter assumes all responsibility for veterinary care, to include immunizations and routine medications, as well as emergency veterinary care. All arrangements for veterinary care must be made with the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter before the pet is treated. By signing this form you are acknowledging that you understand all animals in foster care remain the sole property of Santa Clara County Animal Shelter. Therefore they cannot be given away, sold, traded, or passed off to anyone else. You are taking responsibility for said animals.
Applicant Information

To help us to determine which foster cat(s)/dog(s) will be most compatible with your home and lifestyle - please answer the following questions as completely and candidly as possible.

Please provide two references (one Veterinarian and one non-family member):
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