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Noise Program

If you would like to inform Airport staff concerning a particular aircraft event (i.e., noise disturbance or unusually low flying aircraft), please call or email the Airport’s Noise Program Manager:

  • The toll free number is 408-918-7704 for Reid-Hillview or San Martin Airports
  • You may also e-mail your noise referral information to​ 
Members of our professional staff will try to answer your call or email as quickly as possible. When calling, if staff members are unavailable, a message can be left at the above phone number. When leaving a message or e-mail, your comments should contain (at least) the following information:

  • Caller’s name, address and phone number; email address
  • Time event took place;
  • Type of aircraft involved (color, number of engines, any distinguishing features);
  • Also, please state the best time a return call can be made to you.
To aid Airport staff in its efforts to identify the cause of your inquiry, callers are encouraged to gather and provide as much detail related to the event as possible. Most important are the date and time the event occurred. A description of the type of aircraft involved is also helpful, but not necessary to place a call. An example of a description would be "a high-wing, single engine white aircraft." Should an investigation be necessary, staff will research available data in an attempt to locate the pilot in question. Circumstances leading to the event will then be determined and evaluated for any further proceedings. If a violation(s) of our noise abatement policies, or any Federal Aviation Regulation(s) has occurred, staff will make every effort to contact the pilot and render to him or her applicable advice. Formal notification to proper Federal authorities may be the result of staff’s investigation.

Operational Concerns

If your concern is with operations at one of the following airports, please use their noise hotline​.

  • Palo Alto Airport (650) 329-2444
  • Moffett Federal Airfield (650) 604-2940
  • San Carlos Airport  (650)573-3700
  • San Francisco International Airport  (650) 876-2219 or (877) 206-8290
  • San Jose International Airport  (408) 998-0707 or (408) 452-0707
  • San Jose Police Department Helicopter (408) 277-5424​​​​
Last updated: 9/8/2020 10:26 AM