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Frequently Asked Questions

Note:  On the "My Locations" page, if AlertSCC is not showing your address correctly on the map, please click link below for further instructions on how to correct the address. This is a temporary problem. Thank you for your patience.​

Why should I sign up for AlertSCC?
Signing up for AlertSCC is one of the easiest steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family for an unexpected event. It's free, and it takes only minutes.

AlertSCC can reach you wherever you are to provide information and instructions in a variety of emergency situations, which may include:

  • Flooding, wildfires and subsequent evacuations
  • Public safety incidents, including crimes, that immediately affect your neighborhood
  • Post-disaster information about shelters, transportation, or supplies
What types of notifications will I receive, and where will I receive them?
The AlertSCC emergency notification system will be used for a variety of notifications related to earthquakes, fires, crime incidents, hazardous material incidents, and infectious disease information. AlertSCC will send messages to the E-911 database, White Pages, Yellow Pages, and all registrations in AlertSCC.
How does AlertSCC work?
AlertSCC combines the speed of the Internet with the massive reach of wireless communications networks and the traditional phone systems to send alerts to Santa Clara County residents and visitors.

AlertSCC allows authorized personnel from your city and the County to send messages simultaneously to phone numbers included in the E-911 database, White Pages, Yellow Pages, and to every phone number, SMS address, and email address you sign up:

  • Voice messages reach your home phone and cell phone
  • Text messages reach your cell phone and other text-capable wireless devices
  • Messages reach your e-mail address
  • Messages reach TTY receiving devices for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals

Based on the nature, location, and scope of an emergency, you may receive alerts from your city or the County. For example, in the event of a public safety incident immediately affecting your neighborhood, an alert would likely be from your city. In a natural disaster affecting the entire region, you may receive emergency response information from your city, the County, or both.

Is any of my contact information already in the AlertSCC system database?
AlertSCC uses information from the E-911 database, White Pages, and Yellow Pages to send phone messages, so your landline home or business phone number should already be included. However, the only cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses that are included are those that people sign up at To receive alerts regardless of where you are, sign up all of your phone numbers - home, work and cell - and all of your email addresses.
What if I change my phone number or e-mail address?
Update your contact information in AlertSCC so you can receive information and instructions in the event of an emergency.
Do other counties have systems like this? Have similar systems been used successfully?
Mass notification systems like AlertSCC are being increasingly adopted by cities, counties, state and Federal agencies, and large public institutions like school districts and universities. Cities, counties, and other public entities across the country have used emergency notification systems to warn people within a targeted area affected by a potentially life-threatening public safety incident, and to alert entire populations of hazards.
Is my personal information kept confidential?

The personal phone numbers and email addresses you sign up with AlertSCC are confidential and secure and can be deleted from AlertSCC at anytime. The information is used only by authorized County or city personnel; it is not shared with any private company. Policy and contract agreements prohibit AlertSCC personal contact information from being shared, sold, traded, leased or loaned to outside parties. Personal contact information used by AlertSCC is secured physically and electronically.

Are AlertSCC messages available in any languages other than English?

Currently, AlertSCC messages are sent in English. We hope to enhance AlertSCC in the future. Even though AlertSCC messages are in English, they can still be helpful to individuals who prefer a language other than English, alerting them that an emergency is happening and that they should seek additional information from news sources in their preferred language.

If I have provided more than one phone number, what number will be called?

In extreme emergencies, AlertSCC will try to contact you at all your phone number and contact points, whether provided by you, the E-911 database, the White Pages, or the Yellow Pages.

Does AlertSCC replace other emergency notification systems?
No. AlertSCC will supplement the region’s existing emergency communication methods, thus augmenting public safety and first responder services. It will not take the place of the 911 and other communication and notification systems, such as radio systems, that police, fire and other emergency personnel currently use. Television, radio and County/city web sites will continue to broadcast important announcements as well. If your city already has a mass notification system, it will be maintained until it is transitioned into AlertSCC.
Will AlertSCC call numbers outside of Santa Clara County area codes?

Yes, but only if you sign up a phone number outside the County with AlertSCC.

Will AlertSCC work if I have a call screening/blocking system on my phone?

In general, the system has been found to work with these devices. However, there are several varieties of call screening devices which use differing protocols for screening, so some may require pre-programming to allow the County's or city's telephone number to pass through.

How does AlertSCC respond if a line is busy or unanswered?

If a line is busy or unanswered, AlertSCC will try to call again. If the phone is answered by a voicemail or answering machine, the message will be left on the answering device.

Disclaimer: AlertSCC is effective and efficient, but you should not rely on it exclusively. This system supplements, rather than replaces, other communication methods used by emergency responders, both in person and through the use of other media. Television, radio and County/city websites will continue to broadcast important announcements as well. AlertSCC communications are dependent upon external providers such as your wireless carrier or e-mail delivery service. County of Santa Clara government cannot guarantee that notifications will be received by the intended recipient. Service costs from your carrier are your responsibility. 


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