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Ariba Procure-to-Pay & DocuSign



P2P Collaborative Commerce Journey

Communications & Publications

Supplier Outreach






Prior to Ariba:

Recommendation for Change April 2014

Ariba P2P in 2016:

Overview of P2P Project

Ariba Solutions Description

Ariba Solution Architecture Diagram

DocuSign for eSignatures


FY15 Procurement Recommended Budget

Ariba Project Update to the Board June 2014

Ariba Agreement to the Board June 2014


P2P Module Rollout Plan


Reverse Auctions Article November 2016

DocuSign Case Study 2016


San Jose Mercury News Article

Sing Tao Daily Article

Press Release - March 2016

Vendor Outreach Workshops

Project Notification Letter (PNL)

Transition to Ariba Network Announcement 

Transacting with SCC

DiscountPro Communication December 2014

DiscountPro Communication June 2015 



Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Ariba Sourcing

Ariba Contracts

Spend Visibility

Supplier Performance Management (SPM) 

P2P Metrics October 2017

DocuSign Metrics October 2017




Technology Symposium October 2017

Ariba LIVE March 2017

DocuSign Momentum April 2016

K6 eSignature Policy Slideshare July 2017

K6 eSignature Webinar July 2017

Ariba Townhall June 2017

SCC P2P Project Team

Executive Sponsor Meeting June 2016

Just Culture

Celebration Photos


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