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County Photographers' Collection

The County Photographers' Collection consists of over 57,000 images which depict a wide array of the County's activities and development between 1950 and 1993. The pictures include aerial photographs of rural and urban parts of the county; portraits, award ceremonies, and retirement functions of county officials and employees; interior and exterior construction progress of various county buildings, such as the county government center, county service center, juvenile center, public and mental health centers, county jails and hospitals; and a variety of photographs that include the airports, schools, courts, and parks throughout the county. Of the 57,000 images, approximately 50,000 are negatives, 2,500 slides, and 4,500 prints.

For additional information about the collection, please see the description in the Online Archives of California

You may search the collection holdings for pictures of individuals or specific subjects by using the index below. Generally, it is preferable to the use the singular rather than the plural for a subject in a search (for example, "airport" rather than "airports"). If a photograph is listed under two subject headings, both will appear in the "subject(s)" field, separated by a semicolon. The photographs are available for viewing at the County Archives.

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Last updated: 10/1/2020 3:29 PM