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County Probate Cases Collection

The County Probate Cases Collection consists of approximately 2,100 cases heard by the Probate Court between May 1893 and September 1908, and 144 sets of probate vouchers that range from 1901 to 1913, and 1965 to 1967. Each case includes those papers filed with the court as part of the proceedings. Files may include wills, detailed lists of property, collections of claims by creditors, and various legal papers. Files may provide extensive information about the decedent, about costs for the period, and about the operation of a farm, business, or profession. This collection does not include all cases heard by the Probate Court in the period 1893 to 1908; there are a number of gaps and missing cases.

You may search the probate cases collection using the index below. Each entry includes the name of the decedent, the case number, the date of filing, and, often. additional remarks. The case files are available at the County Archives.

To find a probate case, type search criteria in the text box and press ENTER or click SEARCH. If the number of responses fills more than one page, use the drop box in the middle of the screen to select the specific page you would like to view. To limit your search results, enter multiple search criteria (e.g. holt 1906).

Search the County Probate Cases Collection​​​

Last updated: 10/1/2020 3:39 PM