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History of the Archives

Archives DoorThe County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors established an Archive Policy by Policy Resolution 04-14, dated September 14, 2004. In that resolution, the Board of Supervisors recognized "the need for a formal archive policy to ensure the preservation and availability for historical and evidentiary purposes of the official papers and artifacts of the County of Santa Clara." The resolution stated that it is "County policy to establish and maintain a Countywide Records Management program, utilizing the cooperation and support of County agencies and departments, and to identify it as a priority to enable the County to systematically control the creation, maintenance, and disposition of all County records, as well as provide a County archive facility for use by the public, the County organization, and any individual or organization in need of historical and evidentiary information about the County of Santa Clara." Space for an Archives was secured in 2004 and is leased through 2014. An archivist was hired in 2006, and in April 2006, the Santa Clara County Archives began operation.​​

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Last updated: 7/23/2020 1:40 PM