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The first ever county-wide Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention was approved by the Santa Clara County (SCC) Board of Supervisors in August 2010. Policy and Governance Advocacy is one of the five strategies recommended in the Plan. The primary objective of this strategy is to:
  • Increase public awareness of suicide as a public health problem; and
  • Promote policies and programs that prevent suicide at local, state, and federal level, and within different organizations; and
  • Advocate for changes in in legislation and policy; and
  • Advocate prevention funding.
Responding to Suicide: Local Community Efforts
Several grassroots level efforts by community members have emerged in Santa Clara County in recent years. Project Safety Net and Heard Alliance are exemplary in this regard. Also, SCC Behavioral Health Services Department has just released a blueprint ​for communities responding to suicides (June 2011).

Templates for Suicide Prevention Policies:

LGBTQ+ Support and Protections 

  • In June 2019, the California Assembly adopted policy ACR 99 prohibiting conversion therapy: a practice that attempts to change an individual's sexual orientation to heterosexual by means of psychological or spiritual intervention. The California legislature stated that being LGBTQ does not equate to illness or disease, and that conversion therapy is harmful, unethical, and ineffective. The policy will now be considered by the Senate; read the policy language here

  • ​In early July 2019, Santa Clara County joined 95 cities, counties, towns, and mayors in the US in submitting a brief supporting the continuation of workplace anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ people. 


Community Summit on Firearms and Safety participants
on April 28, 2018 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds' Fiesta Hall, 344 Tully Road, San Jose

​ Community Summit on Firearms and Safety
Behavioral Health Services Department staff (photo, left) and Suicide Prevention stakeholders participated in open community dialogue about firearm safety, in a summit organized by Supervisor Cortese’s office and County agencies on April 28th. Compilation of results and recommendations from the summit discussions is underway. 

San Jose Suicide Prevention Policy
The City of San Jose’s Rules Committee approved a city-wide suicide prevention policy on April 18th. The policy will now go to a priority-setting vote by City Council. 

The city-wide suicide prevention policy in The Mercury News op-ed April 13, 2018 "Why San Jose Should Prioritize Suicide Prevention​", authored by Paul Escobar, Kathy Tran, and Suicide Prevention Oversight Committee (SPOC) co-chair, Vic Ojakian.
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